TForce Freight

Obtain an API Access Key for the Legacy API

When TForce Freight acquired UPS Freight, it made arrangements with UPS to use UPS’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow its customers to integrate TForce Freight services into their business systems. As a result, you will see references to UPS in this step of the User’s Guide even though the integration is for TForce Freight.

Navigate to and click on the Sign Up link.

TForce sign up link for API registration

You’ll be redirected to the UPS website where you’ll be prompted for some information and to create a username and password. Complete the form and click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page to advance to the next step.

TForce API Sign Up Form

Confirm your information and then click the Continue button.

TForce confirm API registration information

You’ll be redirected back to the TForce Freight website and its enrollment form for negotiated rates. Complete the form. In the Locations to View field, enter all of your shipping and billing locations. Click the Finish button at the bottom of the page after completing the form.

TForce website negotiated rates enrollment

Next, you’ll need to obtain an API Access Key. To do so, send an email to

In the email, provide the following information:

Subject Enter, “Request for TForce API Access Key”
Email Body Contact Name
The first and last name entered when the Negotiated Rates Enrollment form was completed.

Company Name

The company name entered when the Negotiated Rates Enrollment form was completed.

Shipper Address

The physical address of the location originating shipments.

Username/User ID

The username created when completing the Sign Up form on UPS’s website earlier in this step.

TForce typically processes requests for API access keys within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Obtain an API Access Key for the New API

Prior to June 5, 2023 UPS authorized connections to its API (Application Programming Interface) with an API Access Key. If you previously obtained an API Access Key you can continue to use it until it is deprecated on June 4, 2024. Afterward, you’ll need to replace the API Access Key with a Client ID and Client Secret. Use these instructions to obtain your Client ID and Client Secret.Using your username and password, log in to the UPS Developer Portal (

Click the Create an Application button.

Add Application set from the UPS Developer Portal

Choose I want to integrate UPS shipping capabilities to my business from the I need API credentials because dropdown.

Select the account you want to connect to from the Choose an account to associate with these credentials dropdown. Afterward, click the Next button.

UPS Developer Portal API scenarios form

Enter your information on the Primary Contact form.

Enter your information on the API Integration Owner form and advance to the next step.

On the Add App form, enter a name for the “App name”. This is a nickname that will be visible only to you. You can enter anything you like. Leave the “Callback URL” field blank.

UPS Developer Portal Add App interface

On the right side of the page, enable the following “products” by clicking on the “+” button:

  • Authorization (O Auth)
  • Freight Rating
  • Rating
  • Shipment/Pickup
  • Time In Transit

You may need to use the pagination controls at the bottom to view all of the “products”.

Click on the Save button.

You’ll be directed to a page that contains your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy them to a safe place. You will need them to connect to the API which is described later in this document.

UPS Developer Portal credentials

2. Connect the FreightDesk Online to the TForce Freight

After login into 

  • Navigate to the Settings page 
  • Click the "Add Carrier" button
  • A popup screen will open. Find the "TForce Freight" card and click it.
  • Enter the required information related to your TForce account and click the "Test Connection" button or "Save" button

A message will display letting you know if FreightDesk Online succeeded in establishing a connection to the UPS servers. If you receive an error, confirm the values you entered and try again. Be particularly attentive to capitalization. Most of the information you enter on this page is case-sensitive.

My LTL freight rates are based on If you are on the NMFC tariff/rates of UPS, the Freight Class radio button should be selected and if you are on the Density-based tariff/rates, also known as dimensional freight quotes (DFQ), of UPS then the Dimensions radio button should be select.
Nickname A nickname for your account in FreightDesk Online.
Username Enter your username.
Password Enter your password.
API Access Key Enter the API Access Key you obtained in the previous step.
Account Enter your TForce Freight account number.
Company Name Enter your company name.
Address Address line associated with the billing address.
City The city associated with the billing address.
State/Province State/Province code associated with the billing address.
ZIP/Postal Code ZIP/Postal code associated with the billing address.
Country The country code is associated with the billing address.