Unishippers Freight

1. Get your Unishippers Web Service User ID

To connect to the Unishippers Web Service, you need a Web Services User ID. Email your Unishippers TMS username and password to integration@wwex.com. In your email state that you are requesting a “User ID for Remote Rating”. The support group can be reached by phone at (214) 461-3924.

You should receive your Web Services User ID within two business days. You won’t be able to complete the Connection Settings step until you have it, but you complete the other steps in this guide while you wait.

2. Connect the FreightDesk Online to the UPS web service

After login into https://freightdesk.online/login 

  • Navigate to the Settings page 
  • Click the "Add Carrier" button
  • A popup screen will open. Find the "Unishippers Freight" card and click it.
  • Enter the required information related to your Unishippers account and click the "Test Connection" button or "Save" button

A message will display letting you know if FreightDesk Online succeeded in establishing a connection to the UPS servers. If you receive an error, confirm the values you entered and try again. Be particularly attentive to capitalization. Most of the information you enter on this page is case-sensitive.

Nickname A nickname for your account in FreightDesk Online.
Account Number  Enter your Unishippers account number.
Username Enter the username you use to login to the Unishippers TMS system.
Password Enter the password you use to login to the Unishippers TMS system.
ID Enter the User ID that was sent to you in response to the email you sent in Step 1
API Token The email you received containing the Web Service User ID will also contain an API Token. Enter the token here.