Why FedEx Freight pickup is not scheduled automatically?

If your FedEx account credentials are correct and you are able to retrieve the quotes in FreightDesk Online but the Pickups are not scheduled automatically. Then it might be an issue with your FedEx account settings and your account is not enabled for the Pickup requests. You need to enable your account for the pickups.

How to enable a FedEx account for Pickups?

You can contact FedEx's technical support hotline at 1.877.339.2774. Please say "FedEx Web Services" when it is prompted. FedEx support rep may ask you for your credentials (meter number, etc), billing address, and the API being consumed (FedEx SOAP APIs). Sometimes they may request the error code or message you’re seeing. You can find the error code or error message (e.g. Authentication failed) on the FreightDesk online shipment page or you can ask it to the FreightDesk team.

After providing the correct information, the FedEx support rep will manage the required configuration for your account.

Once the FedEx support rep confirms that, the required settings have been configured successfully for the pickup requests. Then you can conduct a test in FreightDesk Online to confirm it.