1. Obtain FedEx web service credentials.


To successfully connect the Freight Desk Online (FDO) to FedEx you need credentials to FedEx’s web services. Sign into the FedEx Developer Resource Center (click here) using your username and password. Go to the Move to Production section and then click on the Get Production Key button.

On the Application Profile page, answer the questions with the following responses, and then click the Continue button.

Do you intend to resell your software? No
Please check the box to each type of FedEx web services you intend to use in your integration solution: Check the option for FedEx Web Services for Shipping
Please indicate whether you are a developing your FedEx integration solution as a Corporate Developer or as a Consultant. Corporate Developer

On the License Agreement page click the I Accept button to advance to the next

The next two steps will ask you to provide information about your company’s account and contact information, and your developer info. On the Developer Info page enter the name and contact information of the person or firm who performs most of the work and maintenance on your website.

When you complete the steps you will be delivered to the Confirmation page. Your Production password will be emailed to you. The Confirmation page will contain your Authentication Key and your Meter Number. Record all of these values. You will use them to establish the connection to FedEx Freight in the next step.


2. Connect the FDO to the FedEx web service.


After login to go to settings page, the link is listed on the top bar. On the left-hand side of the page, click on connections and then press Add Carrier button then locate and press FedEx into the Parcel Carriers list. The Add Carrier Modal is used to establish the FDO's connection to FedEx’s web services. Enter the information asked in this Modal and then click on Verify and Save button. You will see a success message if your credentials validated and saved. If not, correct them and try again.


Nickname A nickname for your account in FDO.
Account Number Your FedEx account number. If you don’t have one please contact FedEx at 800-463-3339.
First Name Account holder's first name.
Last Name Account holder's last name.
Address1 Address Line 1 of the billing address
Address2 Address Line 2 of the billing address (Optional)
City The city associated with the billing address 
State/Province State/Province code associated with the billing address
ZIP/Postal Code ZIP/Postal code associated with the billing address
Country Code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country code associated with the billing address
Email Account holder's email address
Phone Account holder's phone number